Considering The Downsizing Dilemma

Couples who have seen their children grow up and leave the nest often consider downsizing because they want to stop spending all their time taking care of the family home.

As they consider their options, they realise they must clear out many of their possession that will no longer be needed. Many of their items will end up being taken out for donation, but some family heirlooms will be given to their children.

These include large paintings, the family china and even the family silverware. While they might want a smaller home, many of these couples often find they still like to entertain after they have moved.

Meeting new friends

When a couple moves out of their old neighbourhood, they might not realise they will make new friends in their next location.

Inviting them over for drinks and dinner is a friendly way to get to know them, but the lack of fine bone china might be a stumbling block. If they have given it to one of their children, they are in no position to ask for it to be returned.

They must now find a way to replace it so they can again entertain in style.

New choices

Replacing china, silver service or other items can be costly, but it can also be a time to explore new choices.

A couple who has always been relatively conservative might just find their tastes have changed, and they can explore being whimsical in their decorating habits. There is no longer a need for them to consider their children, so getting an expensive set of china might be a new option they never dreamed of in the past.

It might chance their entire outlook on life, and it will be a welcome change to those who have always considered their children first.

Shopping online

The modern way to shop is now by computer, and even older couples have learned it can save them time and effort.

For some of them, the joy of more choices within easy reach is their reason for going online to find the goods they want. Others might still be working and consider it a fast way to get their needs met.

Their reasons for shopping might differ greatly, but finding a new set of china online will show them that even more choices are available today at places like Wedgwood.

An easier lifestyle

Trading in their family home for a smaller space will be an adjustment, but couples who make the move find their lifestyle has become more relaxed. They no longer have a large house that needs constant maintenance, so they can spend more time enjoying each other as well as their new life. Meeting new neighbours and adding more friends is a bonus they have earned.

It is not always easy to make the choice to give up the family home, but many couples are making it today to save money as well as time. Those who do find great satisfaction in discovering new friends, time for hobbies and a relaxed lifestyle that will keep them happy and active in the coming decades.